Outdoor extension

adl fe FieldExtension

Suitable for hard outdoor use due to the high degree of protection IP67.
Extension of existing measuring systems by addressable bus system and
Cascadability of FieldExtension. The analogue measurements are taken from the
Data logger recorded via the RS485 interface. Universal use by
standardized M12 connections. Optimal for self-sufficient measuring stations by the
energy-saving design.


Advantages and functions

  • easy extension of analog channels
  • high degree of protection IP67 for outdoor use
  • Addressable RS485 bus system
  • the FieldExtension are cascadable
  • Detecting different physical quantities (voltage, current, resistance, etc.)
  • Each FieldExtension is connected via a standard M12 sensor / actuator cable
  • the FieldExtension systems are optimized for low power operation

ADL FE FieldExtension StationField Extension 2 schnee 2

Technical specifications

Typ L2010.1000 L2010.2000 L2010.3000 L2010.5000 L2010.6000 L2010.7000
type description ADL-FE_V2 ADL-FE_V2 ADL-FE_V2 ADL-FE_V2 ADL-FE_V2 ADL-FE_V2
PT100 AD AS SF M_4-20mA M_50k 
Supply Voltage Range 9 - 36 VDC
power consumption
(without sensors)
< 120mW < 180mW < 180mW < 135mW < 180mW < 180mW
inputs 5 5 6 2 5 5
resolution 16 Bit
operating temperature range -30 - 60°C
operating humidity range 0-100%rF
settling time after switching on 5 seconds
communication Interface Modbus RTU - 19200 Baud, 8n1
measuring range * -40 - 60°C 0 - 10VDC 0 - 10VDC 0 - 1200µVDC 0 - 25mA 0 - 50kOhm
connection method 4- wire differential ground based differential 2- wire 4- Wire
connection Sensor / actuator cable M12 5-pin, A-coded
housing material PVC housing
protection IP 64 according to DIN 40 050-9/5.93
weight 325g
dimensions (L / W / H) 190x60x50

* optional other measuring ranges possible

Explanation IP 64 DIN 40 050-9 / 5.93
Foreign body protection IP6x -> Protection against dust ingress (dustproof), complete protection against contact
Water protection IPx4 -> Protection against splashing water from all directions