Uninterruptible power supply

psm02 funktion

With the PSM02 is automatic and between two voltage sources
Switched without interruption. To protect your batteries has the
PSM02 module via an adjustable deep discharge protection.
Through the terminal block, the power supply can
several consumers are split.
Which power supply is active can be seen on the status LEDs.


Advantages and functions

  • uninterruptible switching of two independent voltage sources
  • adjustable deep discharge protection
  • LEDs to indicate the active voltage source
  • 5-fold terminal block for voltage distribution
  • Output for voltage monitoring with voltage divider to increase the measuring range
  • Hutschienenmontagesystem
  • individual protection of the voltage sources by flat fuses

psm02 beispiel1psm02 beispiel2

Technical specifications

Voltage inputs: 2
Input voltage: 7 - 40VDC
Voltage Distribution: 2x 10 Spring terminals
Voltage divider: 1x SV*1/4
Output current: max. 12A
Operating temperature range: -30 - +60°C
Operating humidity range: 0 - 95 %rF not condensing
Protection: IP 30 according to DIN 40 050-9/5.93
Dimensions (L/W/H): 90x72x63