Soil temperature profile

adl btp


Over the 6 measuring stages the soil temperature as well as the
Air temperature measured. The floor temperature profile sets the
Measured values directly into a digital RS485 bus signal.
Easy insertion of the ADL-BTP into the soil with minimal
Soil disturbance.

bodentemperaturprofil beispiel


The ADL-BTP is a transmitter for determining the
Soil temperature in different depths.

The floor temperature profile is characterized by its simple
Handling and minimal ground failure during installation.

The measured values of the individual depth steps are directly in the sensor
detected by a temperature sensor embedded in the stainless steel ring,
converted to the Modbus RTU format and via the RS485 bus

Due to the white plastic, the sensor has a low
Self-heating on the surface and can therefore also the
Record air temperature near ground.

The floor temperature profile has a modular structure, thus
Individual lengths and measuring depths can be realized.

The sensor is suitable for the construction of RS485 bus systems
with different sensors up to a length of 1200m.



Technical specifications

Messbereich:  -30°C to +60°C 
Accuracy: ±0,2°C
Resolution: 0,0625°C
Measuring depths: +5cm, -5cm, -10cm, -20cm, -50cm, -100cm (standard version)
Supply voltage: 9 to 36VDC
power consumption: ~ 20mW
Communication interface: RS485 2- Draht (Standard 19200 Baud, 8n1)
Communication protocol: ModbusRTU
Operating temperature range: -40°C bis +80°C
Housing material: POM hollow bar (UV stabilized), stainless steel V4A
Dimensions: 1275 mm, Ø25 mm
Sensor cable: M12/5-pin plug, 5m cable
protection: IP67
Weight: ca. 1,2 Kg
optional: individual lengths, measuring depths and measuring ranges on request