schueco sunalyzer web prWe offer maintenance or repair of defective Schüco Sunalyzer Web PR devices.

Please send the device to the following address:

Meier-NT GmbH
Rittergutsweg 5
08297 Zwönitz

Please tell us your contact information phone number/mail address as well as the reason is maintenance or repair. In case of a defective unit please give us a short report over the errors.

After the device has reached us you will receive an invoice for the inspection. Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive a bug report and if repair is possible, an offer for repair costs. The cost of the inspection will be refund on repair or buying a new Meier-NT data logger.

Especially for the Schüco Sunalyzer Web and Sunalyzer Web PR, we offer a firmware update that allows you to use the Sunalyzer with another portal provider. For this purpose, you can purchase an unlock code via our webshop, which allows you to enter the FTP server freely. In keeping with this, we have created a solution with Smartblue to process the data of the Sunalyzer in their portal.