Our data loggers can be used independently with many web portal providers and display manufacturers.
This gives you the freedom to choose the provider that offers the best deal for you.

A web portal supports you in the administration and monitoring of your photovoltaic systems. Thanks to the integrated visualization, individual reports of plants can be generated quickly. You can compare investments using historical values and also several investments. Thus, errors in the system can be detected quickly. In part, comparison with weather and satellite data is also possible to obtain a more accurate evaluation and false alarms e.g. to avoid snow cover.

Our dataloggers are compatible with, among others, the following providers:


A second life for the Schüco Sunalyzer Web (PR)

Especially for the Schüco Sunalyzer Web and Sunalzer Web PR, we offer a firmware update that allows it to be reused with another portal provider. For this purpose, you can purchase an unlock code via our webshop, which allows you to enter the FTP server freely. In keeping with this, we have created a solution with Smartblue to process the data of the Sunalyzer in their portal.

We also offer maintenance or repair of defective equipment. Please send us the device - in case of a defect, please provide a description of the fault. You will receive an invoice for the review and the estimate. Upon completion of the review, you will receive a bug report and, if repair is possible, an offer for repair costs. The cost of the review will be credited to you when repairing or buying a new Meier-NT data logger.