Solar meter - the irradiation sensor

adl sr sonnenmeter 

The irradiation sensor determines the irradiance and gives the
momentary irradiation value in W / m². In addition, the sensor determines
Optionally the module temperature of solar panels. The analogue
The solar cell signal is converted to a digital RS485 signal in the sensor.
The sensors are individually calibrated and re-imported in Germany
ISO 9001 manufactured.


Advantages and functions

  • each sensor is delivered with an individual calibration
  • Addressable RS485 bus system
  • Each bus can connect up to 253 sensors of different types
    (Examples Sensors: Sun Sensor, Digital Inputs, Analog Inputs, etc.)
  • easy construction
  • no loss of accuracy due to cable lengths
  • Optionally, temperature and wind speed can be measured


Technical specifications:

Resolution: 16 Bit
Measuring range radiation: 0 to 1500 W/m² +/- 5 %
Temperature sensor: internal PT1000 1/3 DIN
Measuring range temperature: -30 °C to 70 °C +/- 1 °C
Digital input: Frequency measurement up to 1 kHz resolution 1 Hz
Supply voltage: 9 to 36 V DC / 260mW
Operating temperature range: - 30°C to 70°C
Operating humidity range: 0 to 100 %rF
Communication interface: Modbus RTU - 19200 Baud, 8n1
  address 1 to 253 (delivery 2, 254 Broadcast) 
Connection bus / supply: plug M8 4-polig, A-coded
Connection external sensors: socket M8 4-polig, A-coded (for option with Y-dispatcher)
Housing material: Aluminium / PMMA Plexiglas
protection: IP 65 to DIN 40 050-9/5.93
Dimensions (L / W / H): 150x130x20mm
Weight: 550g
Option: External temperature sensor PT1000   1/3 DIN
  Small Wind Transmitter (0,9 bis 40 m/s +/- 0,5 m/s )

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parts for ADL-SR® Sonnenmeter  

ADL-SR module temperature sensor PT1000 1/3 DIN self-adhesive

PT1000This sensor measures the temperature of photovoltaic modules. The attachment is made by a large adhesive pad. This allows easy installation on the solar panel with very good heat transfer. The sensor is already assembled for connection to the ADL-SR sunmeter.

Temperature sensors: PT1000
Measuring range Temp.: -35 to +105°C
Measuring current: ca. 1 mA
Insulation resistance: at 20°C and 500V DC, typ. 100 MOhm
Cable: PVC-Cable (2 x 0,25 mm²)
Cable length: Standard 2m (further on request)
Circuit type: 2-wire connection
Stainless Steel Block: stainless steel VA 1.4571
Dimension: L 15 x B 8 x H 8mm, well Ø 5mm
Protection: IP54
Storage temperature: -30 to +50°C
Weight: 77g

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ADL-SR Small Wind Transmitter

KleinwindgeberRecord the wind speed directly at your system via the ADL-SR sunmeter. The wind speed can then be read out directly from the ADL-SR in "m / s" or recorded by the ADL-MXS datalogger. The small wind generator is connected directly to the ADL-SR. The plug is already assembled.

Transducer for measuring the horizontal wind speed in m / s.

Measuring range: 0,5 - 40 m/s
Accuracy: ±0,5 m/s bzw. ±5% v. reading
Resolution: 0,4 m wind path
Electric output: 0-100 Hz
Load: max. 60 m/s
Contact load: 10 VA, max. 42 VDC, max. 0,4 A
Envi. Temperature: -25 ... +60 °C
Cable: LiYY 2 x 0,5mm²
Cable length: Standard 3 m
Dimension: Ø 134 x 160 mm
Protection: IP54
Weight: 0,3kg