Multifunctional datalogger system

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The ADL-MX mini has three RS485 interfaces above it can be measured values
from external transducers and stored. Furthermore, the datalogger
has an Ethernet interface for configuration via the integrated web server as
well as a USB interface for data backup, memory expansion and connection
of sensors or extensions. The GLC display and four capacitive buttons are used to
easily configure and display the current measured values.

Optionally, the datalogger can be supplied with a integrated LTE-Modem module.

Advantages and functions

  • Online display of measured values on the device via a GLC- Display
  • Graphical data visualization via web frontend
  • Easy operation via capacitive buttons
  • Easy configuration via web frontend (no additional software required)
  • Data output in CSV or XML format
  • Simple data storage extension via USB stick
  • Optional internal GSM / GPRS or W-LAN module
  • Data transmission via e-mail / FTP
  • Alerting via SMS and Email
  • Online help directly in the configuration menu

adl mxmini spezification

adl grafische auswertung


  • 3x RS485– Interfaces (300 – 115200 Baud)
  • 1x SDI-12
  • 1x RS232 V.24 (RXD/TXD/GND)
  • 8x digital inputs / outputs (status or 32 bit counter input, switching output)
  • 1x Ethernet Interface (10/100MBit)
  • 1x USB– Host (High-Speed USB 2.0)
  • Optionally with LTE modem
  • Extensions:
    - CAN-Bus Modul
    - Analog-Input-Module
    - Analog-Output-Module


  • Modbus RTU (Thies, Keller, Kipp&Zonen, …)
  • tensioLINK
  • DKRF (Driesen+Kern)
  • NMEA-0183
  • ...

Supported device types / sensors

  • ADL-BTP6 Floor temperature profile sensor with 6 depth levels
  • ADL-FE Field Extension
  • ADL-RHT Humidity air temperature sensor
  • ADL-SR Sonnenmeter
  • ADL-TMK Temperaturmesskette
  • Dr. Födisch FDS Fine dust sensors
  • E+E Humidity / Air temperature sensors
  • Kipp&Zonen SMP3 / SMP10 / SMP11 Pyranometer
  • Lambrecht Meteo Modbus-Protokoll
  • novasina nSens-HT-ENS & nSens-T-NBS
  • T8 Tensiometer
  • Thies Clima ASCII-Protokoll
  • Thies Clima Multiparametersensor Climasensor US
  • Truebner SMT100
  • UGT Fullrange Tensiometer
  • Vaisala Weather transmitter WXT510 / WXT520

Technical specifications

Display: GLC-Display 128 x 32 Pixel
Memory: internal data memory on SD card (standard 1GB)
Measuring memory rhythm: 1 second - 24 hours
Power supply: 10 - 36VDC
Power consumption:  
- power saving mode: 0,10W (12V, 8,3mA typ.)
- Sampling rate of 5 min: 0,11W (12V, 9,3mA typ.)
- Sampling rate of 1 min: 0,16W (12V, 13,3mA typ.)
- Sampling rate of 10 s: 0,76W (12V, 64mA typ.)
- Maximum: 1,80W (12V, 150mA typ.)
Digitale In-/Output:  
- Inputs: max. 30VDC, 1[High]:>4VDC, 0[Low]: <1.6VDC, max. Counting frequency 2kHz
- Outputs: max. 30VDC, max. 100mA, Open-Drain (high side, +VCC)
Operating temperature range: -20 to +70°C
Operating humidity range: 0 to 70 % rF (not condensing)
Case: Plastic, mounting on DIN EN rail
Protection: IP 20 according to DIN 40 050-9/5.93
Wight: 250g (without antenna)
Dimensions (L/W/H): 107 x 90 x 60 mm