Multifunctional datalogger system

adl mxsmini en

Via three RS485 interfaces measured values of
Inverters, meters, network analyzers and transducers
be captured and stored. Furthermore, the datalogger has
via an Ethernet interface to the
Configuration via the integrated web server.
For easy configuration and display of the current measured values are used
GLC display and four capacitive buttons.
Optionally, the datalogger has an integrated GPRS modem.


Advantages and functions

  • Free choice of the provider for the web portal connection
  • Support a variety of inverter manufacturers
  • Online display of measured values on the device via a GLC display
  • Graphical data visualization via web frontend
  • Easy operation via capacitive buttons
  • Easy configuration via web frontend (no additional software required)
  • Data output in CSV format
  • Optional internal GPRS module
  • Data transfer FTP
  • Alerting via SMS and e-mail


adl mxsmini function en


  • 2x RS485 external and 1x RS485 via backplane bus
  • 1x counter input S0 (Open Collector)
  • 1x Ethernet interface 10 / 100MBit
  • 6x digital inputs (TTL level)
  • 1x voltage output for external sensors (max 6W)
  • 1x CAN bus (optional, via extension module)
  • 1x GSM (optional)



Technical specifications

Display: GLC-Display 128 x 32 Pixel
Operating voltage: 10 - 36VDC approx. 3.0W standard power supply 24V 1A
(without external consumers)
Operating temperature range: - 20 to 70 °C
Operating humidity range: 0 to 70 % rF (not condensing)
Housing material: plastic
protection: IP 20 according to DIN 40 050-9/5.93
Weight: 300 g
Dimensions (L / W / H): 107 x 90 x 60 mm