Customer: Defense Division for Weapons and Munitions 91 (WTD 91)


Further information:

The task was to develop a mobile measuring station that is both easy to transport and can be set up and put into operation by just one person.

Other criteria were:

  • Data storage both on the internal memory of the datalogger and on a USB memory
  • Transmission of data either via short-range radio (868MHz) or via RS485 over 500 m
  • Display of measured values in online mode, alphanumeric and graphical
  • Graphical representation of historical data
  • Power supply over 230VAC as well as self-sufficient via an 84Ah battery system
  • All sensor traverses are freely adjustable in height and orientation


  • Vaisala Digital Barometer PTB330
  • NR LITE Net radiometer for total net radiation measurements
  • CUV4 Broadband UV - Radiometer for measuring global UV-A and UV-B radiation
  • OTT Parsivel laser-based Distrometer for recording all precipitation types
  • Sensor 2040 for detecting humidity and air temperature
  • CSD3 sunshine sensor
  • CMA6 albedometer ISO first class (two CMP6 pyranometers in one unit), direct and diffusely reflected global radiation
  • Gill WindObserver 2 for detecting wind direction and wind speed
  • CGR4 Pyrgeometer with integrated 10K thermistor for the detection of heat radiation in the far infrared
  • Biral VPF-730 for visual measurement and "PRESENT WEATHER SENSOR"
  • Sensor 2019 for detecting the soil temperature
  • Lambrecht 8241 for recording the soil temperature