Customer: Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg


System Description:

Renewal of the experimental station on the grounds of Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg Faculty of Natural Sciences III Institute of Agricultural and Nutrition Sciences. Measuring system for recording meteorological and soil physical parameters. Data acquisition was realized via an ADL-MX and three ADL-MXE expansion units. All measured values ??are transmitted via W-LAN over approx. 500m to the office building or to the ADL-M software (server).


  • Air pressure sensor type 5020 (Meier-NT GmbH)
  • Humidity air temperature sensor 2m (Type S02465.1001)
  • Air temperature sensor 2m (PT100 1 / 3DIN class B)
  • Air temperature sensor 5cm (PT100 1 / 3DIN class B)
  • Soil temperature profile probe 5/10/20/50 / 100cm
  • Bottom heat flux (heat flow plate self-calibrating version)
  • CMP6 pyranometer ISO first class direct global radiation
  • PAR Lite for measuring the radiation spectrum relevant for photosynthesis
  • CUV4 Broadband UV - Radiometer for measuring global UV-A and UV-B radiation
  • CNR1 net radiometer for measurements of short and long wave radiation (radiation balance)
  • CSD3 sunshine sensor
  • Wind direction and wind speed 10m (Type S01207.3000 / S01207.1000)
  • Wind direction and wind speed 10m (type Thies Anemometer Ultrasonic 2D)
  • Precipitation after Hellmann
  • Precipitation skip scales with pulse output and intensity-dependent linearization
  • OTT Parsivel laser-based Distrometer for recording all precipitation types
  • Soil moisture profile sensor (type PR2-6)
  • Ultrasonic Evaporator with evaporation pan





8.0 "touch screen with TFT color display 640 x 480 pixels for quick visualization of all online values on site.