Customer: SBS - Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst


System Description:

The Sachsenforst state-owned enterprise operates 17 meteorological open-space measurement systems and 8 inventory measurement systems within the framework of the European Union's Level II program.

Project planning, delivery and installation were realized by Meier-NT GmbH. Furthermore, Meier-NT GmbH will take over all maintenance work of the measuring systems and data servers.

Meteorological open-space measurement systems:

With a total of 39 data logger systems of the type ADL-MX, ADL-MXE and ADL, the measured values ??of approx. 255 sensors are recorded and transmitted per hour via GPRS to a central server.
A measuring system consists of a 10m mast system with bracing, a weatherproof control cabinet and a self-sufficient solar power supply.

Captured parameters:

  • Wind speed (10m)
  • Wind direction (10m)
  • Global radiation (2m)
  • PAR radiation (2m)
  • Humidity (2m)
  • Air temperature (2m)
  • Precipitation (1m, 1.5m)
  • Soil temperature (5, -10, -30cm)
  • Soil moisture (30cm)
  • Soil suction tension (30cm)



Inventory measurement system:

With a total of 40 data logger systems of the ADL type, the measured values are recorded by approx. 320 sensors and transmitted per hour to a central server via GPRS connection.
A measuring system consists of several 2m mast systems, each with a weatherproof control cabinet and a central self-sufficient solar power supply.

Captured parameters:

  • Global radiation
  • PAR radiation
  • humidity
  • air temperature
  • precipitation
  • soil temperature
  • soil moisture
  • soil suction tension
  • Dendrometer (tree circumference)
  • Xylem flux (SapFlow)





The Saxon State Forestry Administration operates a system of forest representative stations that are representative of the location.
These consist on the one hand of meteorological open space measuring stations in forest areas and become i.d.R. operated under the EU Level II program.
Furthermore, inventory measuring systems are operated both in close proximity to the open space measuring systems and at other representative locations in Saxony. These are located i.d.R. in silvicultural attempts of the Landesforstpräsidium to the forest conversion. In addition to meteorological parameters, mainly light distributions (PAR) and soil moisture / soil tension measurements in forest stands are carried out in accordance with the silvicultural experimental variants.
The forest climate stations are designed as autonomous and automatic measuring systems that can form complex and spatially widely distributed measuring systems by networking individual measuring modules.
The data transmission to the LFP takes place automatically via GSM radio data transmission. The automatic integration into the database takes place immediately with the provisional status 'unchecked'.

Source: Umweltportal Sachsen / Waldklimastationen